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Calit2 Spaces: Indicate which one or more of the following spaces would be the venue for your proposed performance: Calit2 Auditorium; Calit2 Theater; exterior of Atkinson Hall; Performative Computing Lab; Audio Spatialization Lab; and/or "Other"

Name of Other Participants: Please confirm all participants before including them in this proposal

Budget: Artists can request up to $1,500 in grants that can be used for supplies, rentals, travel, honorarium for non-UC San Diego collaborators and other incidentals. The submissions should include a simple budget that lists how the requested money will be used.

Brief Abstract: Submit a short abstract/description of your proposed work, 200 words max, to be used in future press materials if you are selected to receive an IDEAS award.

Multimedia Assets: If you have one or more videos or audio clips relevant to this proposal, include here their titles and URLs (e.g., to a video on YouTube, or a streaming audio file). No audio/video files can be uploaded, so be sure to include their URLs here.

Publicity Photo/s: Please attach one or more images representative of the proposed work, if available, for use in advance publicity surrounding the live performance. Also upload headshot/s or other portrait/s of artists associated with this proposal, exclusively for use in news and calendar listings announcing the live performance . Limit 5 images .

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Drafting Your Proposal: After reading the Call for Proposals, including available facilities and technologies at Calit2, plan to write no more than three pages, including images. Your proposal should include: (a) Statement of purpose; (b) Specifications of equipment, technology and services you will need from Calit2 to achieve your vision; (c) Explain your prior performance- or technology-related works (if you have provided URL links to audio, video or other files mentioned under “Multimedia Assets”above ; and (d) Include the artist’s resume or biography. Be sure to convert your 1-3-page proposal from a word processing file to a PDF file, then upload it by clicking on the button below:

Upload Your Proposal: Proposals must be uploaded in PDF format, maximum three pages (including images), single-spaced or higher, in Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri font, 11pts or higher. Click on button at right to upload your final proposal.

Note: Please anticipate technology, room, or other performance and accessibility needs (if any). Be as specific as possible. Be sure to indicate which of these items you can furnish, and which ones you need us to provide.